Media Insight Group, Inc. is an Internet marketing company that provides Web-based advertising solutions to businesses that service the tourism and hospitality industries. The company has been in the Internet business since 1998. Those early days were spent educating our clients about what was possible using the Internet. It was then when we first started buying and marketing domain names that related to the travel industry. As owners of over 3,500 operating web sites, we know very well the value of a good domain.

Domain Leasing

Media Insight Group, Inc. operates a domain leasing program, which enables businesses to greatly increase their web presence by leasing domains with high quality traffic. Businesses can lease our premium domain names, which obtain 1st page organic rankings within the 3 major search engines (Google,Yahoo and Bing) without the high costs of traditional marketing. Similar to a car or property lease, domain leasing gives businesses the right to temporarily use one of our domain names over a specified time period while making periodic lease payments.

A prime location or popular domain name is very sought-after and having the right name can make the difference between success or failure. For example ... you may already have an online business with a less than popular domain name. You want to attract more customers but adwords, pay per click, marketing and advertising are costing you a fortune. What else can you do? You could try domain leasing. All the big companies are doing it because it has proven results.

Leasing a domain is an investment in your business.

The reason why high street businesses grow from one shop then two...etc. is to reach more customers. Domain leasing works in exactly the same way enabling you to reach more customers.